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Message from the Superintendent

Welcome to Change,

Yes folks, change is in the air! On Monday, January 26, 2015, the Junior/Senior High will change their instructional schedule.  Prior to January 26, students at the Junior/Senior High had a 7 period day, and attended each of their classes each day.  Beginning on January 26, we will switch to a block schedule.  In this new schedule, students will not attend each class every day.  Instead, they will attend each class every other day.  The block schedule provides us with several options for students that the standard 7 period day does not provide.

In the old schedule, classes were 50 minutes long.  Classes in the new schedule will be 90 minutes long.  Teachers will be provided with an extended period of time, without interruption, for instruction.  In addition, we will be adding an 8th period to our schedule for two reasons: Those students who are not on track in English and Math will be assigned to a Reteach period in the area they are needing assistance.

Governing Board of Education

Current Board Members :

Rena' Moerman - President

Patricia Schoppmann - Member

Sonny Graham - Member

Jenny Reber - Member

Carmen Plancarte - Member